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            Acting on the Memorandum dated _22_ May 2017 of the Information Management and Analysis Group of the Anti-Money Laundering Council Secretariat, the Council resolved to:

  1. Approve the Manual for the Online Registration System (Annex A).
  1. Direct the Covered Persons (CPs) to adopt the unified registration process as indicated in the Online Registration System Manual.
  1. Set the validity of the registration at two (2) years. Failure to renew the registration will result in the deactivation of the CP’s user access in the AMLC portal.
  1. Authorize the Secretariat to issue a Certificate of Registration, with the facsimile signature of the AMLCS Executive Director or the Officer-in-Charge, to successfully - registered CPs, upon request. The said certification will be sent via email as a PDF file.
  1. Authorize the Secretariat to publish the list of successful registered MSBs and pawnshops on the AMLC website on a monthly basis subject to the requirements under the Data Privacy Act.
  1. Authorize the Executive Director, or in his/her absence, the Officer-in-Charge, to approve revisions and/or amendments to the AMLC Registration Process and the AMLC Reporting Procedures Manual.
  1. Request the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Insurance Commission to disseminate this Resolution to covered persons under their jurisdiction.


This Resolution supersedes Item 1.3 – F of the AMLC Reporting Procedures Manual dated March 2014 and AMLC Resolution No. 34, Series of 2016.


24  May 2017, Manila, Philippines.






(Governor, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas)



                                   SIGNED                                                                                        SIGNED

                       TERESITA J. HERBOSA                                                                   DENNIS B. FUNA

                                    Member                                                                                         Member

   (Chairperson, Securities and Exchange Commission)                          (Commissioner, Insurance Commission)





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