Submission of CTRs, STRs, and KYC Documents

As the AMLC recognizes the significant impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on business operations due to health risks and measures implemented to control the spread of the virus, such as the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ), curfews, and localized work suspensions, please be advised of the following:

Pursuant to Item V-A of Part 1, General Provisions of the AMLC Registration and Reporting Guidelines (ARRG), 12 to 13 March 2020 are officially declared as workday suspensions, thus shall be excluded from the counting of the prescribed reporting period.

Likewise, 17 March to 12 April 2020 shall be considered as workday suspensions in accordance with Presidential Proclamation No. 929, which imposes the ECQ throughout Luzon, unless revoked earlier when ECQ conditions improve.

The foregoing is without prejudice to the voluntary submissions by covered persons of covered (CTRs) and suspicious transaction reports (STRs) within the reglementary period through the AMLC portal.

Moreover, all specified deadlines in regard to pending requests for submission of know-your-customer (KYC) documents as well as requests during the ECQ period (17 March to 12 April 2020) are hereby suspended, unless said period is cut short or extended, depending on the conditions upon which the ECQ period was fixed.

For requests during the ECQ period, the same shall be sent through e-mail to the respective compliance officers or other authorized officers of covered persons registered as such with the AMLC. Compliance with said requests may be made during this ECQ period but shall be submitted through the AMLC portal instead of personal delivery. This same mode shall henceforth be the mode of compliance even beyond the ECQ period.

Access details are as follows:
1. Log-in the AMLC portal (Ver. 2.9.9).
2. In the Electronic Documents Upload Facility, click the Electronic Return / KYC Documents Request Upload icon.3.
3. Select KYC Documents Request in the Document Type dropdown and click Proceed.
4. Enter the reference number as specified in the AMLC request.
5. Click Browse, choose the filename of the document, and click Upload

For the information and guidance, please click the Link.